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Order sun-dried tomatoes.

The Altun food processing company and wholesaler is owner of the Kalimera brand. Therefore, we only sell to retail stores and commercial clients. Please create a customer account and contact us to get a quote and learn about shipping and handling.

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Request a quote! 

Thank you very much for your inquiry.

Kalimera sonnengetrocknete Tomaten 300g.webp

300g jar cc2650

Kalimera Sonnengetrocknete Tomaten 2500 g.webp

2500g jar cc2650

Kalimera Sonnengetrocknete Tomaten 5000 g.webp

5000g bucket

 Loose in plastic bag 10 kg 

Sonnengetrocknete Tomaten.webp

Please schedule a conference call to talk about the options of contract food processing.

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