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 more Kalimera products

 Enjoy with Kalimera products an authentic Mediterranean dining experience. Our product selection  includes delicious sun-dried tomatoes, green peppers and stuffed vine leaves.

Kalimera products are chosen with attention to detail to ensure you and your customers

the flavor experience of the Mediterranean region.

Kalimera green pepper.jpg

Green pepperoni

Green peppers are a Mediterranean product that is known and loved throughout the entire Mediterranean regent. Whether it's Greek, Turkish or Arabic cuisine, hot peppers are used as a side dish and for seasoning. Our green peppers are unique in their taste and aroma. They are fresh, crunchy and full of flavor. As a food manufacturer, we monitor the entire production so that we can offer you an affordable purchase price. We guarantee you a high quality that tastes excellent.

grape leaves.jpg
Kalimera Grape Leaves.jpg

 Grape leaves stuffed with rice

Our Stuffed Vine Leaves are a Mediterranean product that can be found on the menu throughout the Mediterranean. They are a winning side dish that offers your guests an unforgettable dining experience. As a food manufacturer, we offer an excellent price for our Stuffed Vine Leaves..

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