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Kalimera sonnengetrocknete Tomaten

Sun-dried tomatoes, buy directly from the manufacturer!


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Kalimera sun dried tomatoes.

This video is a introduction of our Kalimera tomatoes and our service of contract canning.

Kalimera, the authentic mediterranean flavor experience. 

Our Product: The Brand Kalimera 

The mouthwatering aegean tomatoes for the Kalimera brand are dried under the Mediterranean sun before they're being shipped to Germany. After the tomatoes arrived at our food processing plant here in Berlin-Brandenburg, we start turning a high-quality produce into a delicious Kalimera tomato. We proudly produce an outstanding product at a competitive price. 

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Agricultural farming of our sun-dried tomatoes 

The tomatoes are hand-picked right on time then sliced in half and salted before sun-dried under a protective grid. 

After 4-5 days of drying time, the tomatoes are ready for shipping to our food processing facility in germany.

Food processing and canning.

Our food processing plant is located in Werder/Brandenburg not far from Berlin. Here in this facility, we pickle the entire harvest with herbs and spices in oil and pack our Kalimera sun-dried tomatoes in accordance with EU guidelines.      

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